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Mannlig motedesigner

About Us

We Are Dressed!

Want the best of the best? Then we are your perfect match! We work hard to make your experience top-notch. Our clothes and accessories are only made with a hand of care and by happy producers. We can promise you that the quality of any product we offer is reflected in the price. So you don’t have to pay more than necessary!


Our Story

It all started back in 2020. It was some depressive quarantine days for the young man, Sebastian Berggren-Waallann. He wanted to do something different, that no one at his age have done before, and he wanted to convince everybody that he could become something special. Then he took his first step toward his biggest dream, making his very-own clothing brand.

No one believed in him, but 2 hard years later, he finally did it. He was now the owner of his own clothing brand that he in the end decided to name Dressed.

The story behind the name of the brand is elementary. He was thinking about offering unisex clothes to both genders that should represent a high-end casual look. He kept that in mind and started designing the logo, and after many sketches, he came out with a logo that is representing a bee with a crown. This gives the brand type of a royalty vibe, and that was what he wanted to achieve.

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